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In which countries can the help of a CSS partner be used?
CSS partners can create product ads on behalf of online stores in Switzerland and in the countries of the European Economic Area. Currently, the service is available in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
What does CSS look like?
CSS can be simply defined as a combination of product advertising and a price comparison engine. The system collects offers from various online stores and then directs users to them. The purchasing module is always displayed at the very top of the search result.
Who is a CSS Partner?
Currently, any company can become a CSS partner and thus present product advertising on behalf of an online store. The creations look like they did in the past. The only significant difference is that instead of the phrase "by Google" the name of the CSS intermediary in the purchasing process appears, for example "via Verseo CSS". Clicking on the thumbnail redirects you to the website of the online store.
Is it worth using several CSS at the same time?
There is no single answer to this question, as the operation of CSS depends on many factors. Therefore, we have an individual approach to each client. Contact us, we will take into account all the conditions and find a solution tailored to your needs.
I currently have Smart bidding / CPA / ROAS campaigns, can I still use CSS?
Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from campaigning and using CSS at the same time.
Will my ads change due to using Verseo CSS Verseo?
The only visible change for the customer is the link in the Shopping ad. The link "by Google" will be changed to "by Verseo CSS" which is the name of our comparison engine. The remaining elements of the ad (photo, title, brand, price) will look the same as when you use the Google Price Comparison Service. It is possible to achieve this effect by using the same Merchant Center account and product feed.
Where can I find more information on Google CSS?
You can find publications on this topic on the Verseo blog, on the Google support page, as well as on a site entirely devoted to CSS.
How was the open source CSS program created?
In 2007, the Google Shopping platform was created, which led traffic from the search engine to online stores. The problem was that the new system was completely subordinated to its creators. They were absolutely responsible for all redirects, so there was no competition whatsoever. The European Commission objected to this state of affairs and made efforts to make the platform available to other entities. The long and arduous process came to an end in 2017. Google authorities have had to pay $ 2.4 billion in fines as well as open up their ecosystem. In this way, a generally available CSS program was created, which is now open to all interested parties.
Why is it profitable to use the CSS offer?
Using a different CSS than Google Shopping allows you to bypass the google margin. In practice, this means running a campaign with costs reduced by 20%. Forecasts show that such conditions will be maintained for longer (Google is obliged by the judgment of the European Commission). Thus, using the services of a CSS partner is more profitable than using Google. It is worth considering this in your marketing strategy.
Can several CSS be used at the same time?
A CSS Partner may publish Product Ads on behalf of online store owners. Multiple CSS can be used in parallel at this time. In this situation, several Merchant Center accounts and campaigns are created that display ads for related online stores.
Will the way of conducting the campaign differ from the previous activities?
You will maintain full control over your existing campaigns. In the Google Ads dashboard, you'll still be able to make changes to your ad settings and optimize your ads. The price comparison service only acts as an intermediary in publishing your ads on the search engine.
Do I need to create a new Merchant Center account?
There is no such necessity. You can customize your existing Merchant Center account for the price comparison service.

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Does connecting Merchant Center to Verseo CSS have any consequences?
The entire process does not generate any risk. We will make sure that the course of ongoing campaigns is not disrupted.
After launching the CSS service, can i still manage my campaigns myself?
There are no reasons why you shouldn't continue to run your campaigns. It is enough for us to link your Merchant Center with our CSS. In addition, we no longer need any access data. Then campaign management will remain in your hands, and we will focus on CSS support.
How to connect to Verseo CSS?
First of all, your Merchant Center must be connected to our CSS platform. In addition, all advertised products must be assigned to our comparison engine. If you have not carried out any activities in Google Ads before, we are able to create a Merchant Center from scratch and connect your online store to Verseo CSS.
How will the 20% discount be calculated?
Please note that the generated savings will not be returned to your account or displayed in the Google Ads panel. The rebate is based on the omission of the Google margin. It's just that you will get more clicks on the same budget than if you were using Google CSS.
Will I lose Google support if I outsource my CSS management to an agency?
There is no need to worry. We guarantee the continuity of cooperation between your company and the Google support department. Connecting to CSS has no influence on cooperation with Google.
Can Verseo take over the management of my campaigns?
Of course, we offer comprehensive services in the Google environment. Contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.
Do I need to share my data with Verseo CSS?
There is no need for you to share your data with us. The implementation takes place by connecting your Google Merchant Center with our CSS. Thus, we do not gain access to your Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics or any other applications.
How does the 20% discount on CPC bids work?
Thanks to Verseo CSS support, your CPC bids will not be charged with the Google margin of 20%. Such an effect is possible thanks to the omission of the margin imposed by Google. Purchase campaigns operate based on auctions in which the advertiser specifies a proposed CPC bid. In practice, this means that each zloty will be used by us in 100%. When working with Google, you would only use 80 cents per zloty. Thus, you can effectively manage your budget.
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