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Connect your store to Verseo CSS and get valuable traffic and conversions in Shopping campaigns. By choosing the Verseo price comparison engine, you do not pay a commission for Google for each click - you can advertise any number of products for a fixed monthly fee.

Verseo CSS
100 pln
per month for the first store
+ 50 pln monthly
for each subsequent store or country
Two months free of charge when paying for a year in advance!
Every click from the product campaign (PLA) up to 20% cheaper!
Fixed fee independent of the number of clicks and conversions
No budget limit
No product limit
No activation fee
You cancel when you want
Coverage for all EU markets as well as Norway, Switzerland and Great Britain
Support in creating product feed rules *
* Payable additionally for specialist man-hours.
The prices given are net prices. The price does not include 23% VAT.

How is the implementation of Google CSS?

We carry out the service implementation process
in four easy steps

  1. Connection
    We connect your Merchant Center account with Verseo CSS.
  2. Configuration
    We download your products from the product feed. Then we publish the entire assortment in the Verseo CSS Comparator.
  3. Tests
    We test the efficiency of the service.
  4. Integration
    We integrate other campaigns. Thanks to this, your ads will appear in the Google search engine with the annotation "via Verseo CSS".

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it profitable to use the Verseo CSS offer?
Using a different CSS than Google Shopping allows you to bypass the google margin. In practice, this means running a campaign with costs reduced by 20%. Forecasts show that such conditions will be maintained for longer (Google is obliged by the judgment of the European Commission). Thus, using the services of a CSS partner is more profitable than using Google. It is worth considering this in your marketing strategy.
How to connect to Verseo CSS?
First, your Merchant Center needs to be linked to our CSS platform. In addition, all advertised products must be assigned to our comparison machine. If you have not carried out any activities in Google Ads before, we are able to create a Merchant Center from scratch and connect your online store to Verseo CSS.
After launching the CSS service, can i still manage my campaigns myself?
There are no reasons why you shouldn't continue to run your campaigns. It is enough for us to link your Merchant Center with our CSS. In addition, we no longer need any access data. In this case, campaign management will remain in your hands, and we will focus on CSS support.
Add products to Verseo CSS
and strengthen the positioning of your store

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  1. Oszczędność do 20% na kampaniach Google Ads
  2. Integracja z Google Ads
  3. Dedykowany opiekun

Feed produktowy to plik, który zawiera dane dotyczące asortymentu danego sklepu - produktów oraz ich cech. Jest on niezbędny, by dodać sklep do Verseo CSS. Najczęściej ma format .xml lub .csv.

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