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Article 1. Preliminary provisions

Verseo spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością is the data controller. The company is based in Poland, Poznań (60 – 122), at ul. Węglowa 1/3, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Poznań – Nowe Miasto i Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000910174, with a VAT number: 7773257986 (further referred to as “VERSEO”). Verseo has a US office located in New York, 10022, at 590 Madison Avenue, New York City. VERSEO can be contacted by writing to the addresses given above or to the e-mail address: [email protected].

This Privacy Policy presents information relating to the manner VERSEO processes personal data of persons using or representing users of services provided by VERSEO, including persons visiting VERSEO websites, in particular the domain or social profiles (further referred to as “Clients”).
VERSEO pays particular attention to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data entered or provided by the Clients. It selects and applies, with due diligence, any appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data processed. Only persons duly authorised by VERSEO have full access to databases. VERSEO protects personal data against unauthorised access as well as against their processing in violation of applicable laws. Visitors can browse pages on websites run by VERSEO without registering and providing their personal data.

Article 2. The basis for personal data processing

Personal data are processed by VERSEO under the applicable law to:

  1. establish commercial relations, including responding to questions asked by Clients;
  2. execute and perform contracts for the provision of services by VERSEO;
  3. exercise the legitimate interests of VERSEO, i.e. to market its products or services, investigate and secure any claims;
  4. provide newsletter service under the terms specified in the regulations concerning the newsletter services;
  5. meet legal obligations imposed on VERSEO relating to tax and accounting duties;
  6. run social profiles and use them to provide Clients with information about the activity of VERSEO, to promote and advertise organised events, promote the brand, products and services, build and maintain communities associated with VERSEO, and communicate via the available functionalities;
  7. organise contests, in particular to select winners and present awards.

Providing data is voluntary, but failure to do so will result in inability to establish business relationship or use the services.
VERSEO implemented Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”).

Article 3. Basic principles for processing personal data

VERSEO processes personal data only to the minimum extent, necessary to achieve the purposes for
which they are collected. The purposes of collecting the Clients' personal data are clearly defined
and supported by legislation. VERSEO does not process personal data in a way incompatible with
those purposes.
VERSEO observes the Clients' rights relating to their personal data, in line with the law. It ensures the
correctness of the Clients' personal data and responds promptly to any requests to correct or update
VERSEO limits the storage of personal data, in line with the law, only for the period necessary to
achieve the purposes for which they are collected unless there are reasons to allow extension of
data storage period.
If personal data are made available to other entities, this occurs in a safe manner, contractually
secured or in another manner consistent with applicable law.

Article 4. Rights of the data subjects

Every Client whose personal data are processed by VERSEO has the right to:

  1. access the data,
  2. rectify the data,
  3. request to delete the data,
  4. limit processing,
  5. transfer the data,
  6. raise objections for reasons relating to their particular situation to the processing of data
    based on the legitimate interest of VERSEO,
  7. object to the processing for direct marketing purposes,
  8. withdraw consent, if the processing is based on consent (withdrawal of consent does not
    affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal).

The Client may exercise the rights in any way, including by sending to VERSEO e-mail address a
relevant request, together with the Client's full name and e-mail address.

Article 5. Fair information practices

VERSEO accepts the principle of taking an individual action, which requires that individuals have the
right to pursue legally enforceable rights in relation to collecting and processing of data that do not
respect the law.  To comply with fair information practices, in the event VERSEO breaches the data
processed, VERSEO will inform the persons to whom data breach relates, by e-mail within 7 working

Article 6. Recipients of personal data

Clients' details may be provided to the entities authorised to receive them under applicable law,
including competent judicial authorities. Personal data may also be provided to trusted recipients
such as carriers, accounting entity, partners providing technical services (development and
maintenance of information systems and websites), and collection agencies.
If in the course of processing, personal data are passed on to recipients in other countries, VERSEO
will assess whether these entities guarantee a high level of protection of personal data processed.

Article 7. Other information regarding data processing

Personal data will be stored only for the period necessary to accomplish the given purpose for which
they were collected, and after its expiry, for the period necessary to protect or make any possible
claims or to comply with the legal obligation of VERSEO (resulting from tax or accounting
Personal data processed to market products or services based on a legitimate interest will be
processed until the Client lodges an objection.
VERSEO uses IP addresses collected during internet connections only for technical purposes, related
to a server control. In addition, IP addresses are used to collect general statistical demographic
information (such as the region from which the connection is made).
VERSEO may process personal data in an automated manner, including profiling, however,
automated processing will not lead to decisions which have legal effect or similar material impact on
the Client. This processing can affect the selection of displayed ads, or the selection of products and
services. The Client can receive special offers through personalised e-mail or web advertising.
VERSEO does not process personal data in a way that would involve only automated decisions
relating to the Client with legal effect or similar material impact on the Client.

Article 8. Cookies

VERSEO uses cookies or similar technologies (collectively "cookies") that mean computer data, in
particular text files, used with VERSEO websites and stored in the terminal equipment of the Clients
that view the website. The information collected with the use of cookies allows to customise the
service and the content to the individual needs and preferences of the users, and they are used to
develop general statistics regarding the use of the websites by the users. Data collected with the use
of cookies are collected only to perform specific functions for Clients and they are encrypted in the
manner preventing access for unauthorised persons.

In principle, VERSEO uses two types of cookies – "session" and "permanent". Session cookies are
temporary files that are stored on the user's device until the user logs out, leaves the website or
disables the software (web browser). Permanent cookies are files that are stored on the user's
device for the time specified in the cookies parameters or until they are manually deleted by the
As part of the websites, VERSEO uses the following types of cookies which are necessary to provide
the services:

  1. necessary cookies, enabling to use the services available through websites operated by
    VERSEO, in particular authentication cookies used for services that require authentication;
  2. cookies used to ensure safety, in particular, to detect fraud in the area of authentication;
  3. performance cookies, enabling to collect information about how to use the websites;
  4. functional cookies allowing to "remember" user-selected settings and customise the user
  5. advertising cookies, enabling to provide users with advertising content tailored to their

Article 9. The legal basis to use cookies

The software used for websites browsing (web browser) usually allows for the storage of cookies on
the terminal equipment by default. The Client browsing websites of VERSEO can independently and
at any time change the cookies settings, specifying the terms of storing and accessing their device by
cookies. The Client can change the settings referred to in the preceding sentence using web browser
settings. These settings can be changed, in particular, in such a way as to block the automatic cookie
handling settings in their web browser or inform the Client each time cookies are installed on the
Client's device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways to manage cookies are
available in the software (web browser) settings.
Using websites operated by VERSEO, without changing the cookies settings, means consent to use
cookies. Clients can always withdraw their consent by changing the cookies settings.
Information on how to configure cookies settings in sample web browsers is provided below:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Chrome
  3. Opera
  4. Mozilla Firefox
  5. Safari

Article 10. Protecting children's privacy online

VERSEO cares about the privacy of children on the Internet. It does not direct ads to children under
13 years of age.

Article 11. Final provisions

Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be sent to VERSEO, using the following
590 Madison Avenue
New York City,
New York, 10022, USA
Due to the commercial nature and the fact that VERSEO provides online services, this Privacy Policy
is published on Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be made available on our
Privacy Policy website.

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